Att förstå modern konst genom Henri Matisse (video/dokumentär)

Få konstnärer har haft så stor påverkan på modern konst som Henri Matisse. Här är en kort dokumentär som lär oss att förstå Matisses plats i konsthistorien. Läs även originaltexten för videon, eller ”description”, nedan:


”Henri Matisse Understanding Modern Art”


”Few artists in art history have had such a wide ranging impact on art and culture as the French painter Henri Matisse. His distinctly colourful style and often quite experimental works caught the attention of many collectors and critics and made him, alongside Picasso, one of the most well known and influential artist’s of the early 20th century.

Matisse’s work is quiet interesting in many regards but one I wish to draw attention to today is his constant pushing against paintings tendency to represent it’s subjects realistically. Inspired by the Impressionist and post impressionist painters who had sought new ways to paint reality before him Matisse would devise his own painting methods that went even further in a search of what he termed ”an art of Balance Purity and Serenity” This search would lead Matisse to create bright and colourful works that over the course of his career would push the boundaries of representation further than ever before in search of a deeper sense of beauty that he believed art could uncover in the world around us.

Today we’re going to discuss the artworks, processes and ideas of Matisse to try and understand what his art was all about. We’ll discuss his development as an artist, the ideas and methods behind his work and the impact they have had not just for Modern art but for our contemporary visual culture as well.”

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